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At The Law Offices of Teresa Beyers, we are the legal professionals who possess the knowledge that can be immensely beneficial to you, regardless of your Family situation. In most Family proceedings, knowledge is power to the powerless. Therefore, it is imperative to seek reasonable, dependable Family counsel within the Studio City area during the early stages of your concerns.

Many people within the Studio City area find themselves dealing with a difficult Family matter for various reasons. In addition to addressing a client’s legal rights, The Law Offices of Teresa Beyers understands that representation is about managing one’s expectations during this process. Clients naturally have different emotions in Family cases, but it’s our job to guide them toward concrete goals.

If you are going through any Family case in the Studio City area, you will need a dedicated team to help you through it. Family issues can complicate your life to an extreme degree, and having to go through it alone can only make it worse. Here at The Law Offices of Teresa Beyers, we can guide you and identify your objectives, and articulate these needs to the court.

The first element in an effective Family strategy is quick, resolute action. For that reason The Law Offices of Teresa Beyers is waiting for you to contact them to take that first step toward a satisfactory resolution in your Family case. We know that some clients in the Studio City area prefer to speak privately; so you can call us at (213) 236-4400. Be assured that your conversation is very important to us; and that your case and information will remain confidential with our legal counsel and services. 

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I was a freelance family law paralegal for ten years at a divorce center. Being paralegal ten years for in the area of divorce gave me a large amount of experience. I have been gaining experience as part of the workforce for 40 years. I believe in never telling a lie and I treat others the way I want to be treated. I'm excellent at settling as opposed to going to trial. I try to help clients compromise.