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At The Law Offices of Teresa Beyers, we make an investment of time in your Paternity case because we know that together, you and our team will find success at the end of the road. We want you to get to know our firm in the Burbank area just as much as we want to get to know you.

We have one goal here at The Law Offices of Teresa Beyers, to avoid lengthy and costly litigation in your Paternity case. Our Burbank attorneys will explain the court procedures and all legal repercussions that you might experience. We only come to a decision once we understand every aspect of your unique Paternity case. At our Burbank firm, we will not hesitate to litigate and zealously advocate for you when the need arises.

Amid the highly-charged emotions that are abundant in a difficult Paternity case, The Law Offices of Teresa Beyers, provides an environment where you feel comfortable discussing your case. You deserve to have a legal team on your side in the Burbank area that will put your needs first and give you the tools you need to get the best results. For any Paternity case in the Burbank area, The Law Offices of Teresa Beyers should be your go-to team.

To schedule a consultation with a Burbank attorney, contact The Law Offices of Teresa Beyers by calling us at (213) 236-4400 today. We will be able to bring our professionalism to your case and get you the results you want to see.

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I was a freelance family law paralegal for ten years at a divorce center. Being paralegal ten years for in the area of divorce gave me a large amount of experience. I have been gaining experience as part of the workforce for 40 years. I believe in never telling a lie and I treat others the way I want to be treated. I'm excellent at settling as opposed to going to trial. I try to help clients compromise.