Child Support Enforcement


If you aren’t receiving the monthly payments that were originally settled in court, and the other spouse is receiving good income at work you may be entitled for a child support enforcement. 

       The Law Offices of Teresa Beyers has much experience in this field, we have worked with many individuals that have been in a tough spot, and had no way out, and gained redemption by hiring an experienced family attorney such as Teresa Beyers. What child support enforcement is, is we ensure that all payments are handled appropriately. We look deep into files to make sure that the other spouse isn’t receiving any payments under the table, we check to see how much they spend on a monthly basis to make sure that the other spouse is not receiving more income then they have claimed in the court of law. This all goes to the fact that if we find something a little fishy, we immediately report it to the judge that way the child support payments can be reenforced so that you can receive fair payments each month to be able to feed you’re children.

    The enforcement of a child support case can be a scandalous time of you’re life, mostly because you are revealing how much the other spouse really makes, and also enforcing the amount that the other spouse will pay on a monthly basis. Child Support is important because it makes it easier on single parents to pay for the daily expenses that it takes to raise a child now a days. And believe it or not, raising a child is expensive! Which is why it is important that the amount that you receive for child support every month is a fair amount.


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