Struggling with you’re child support case?

Looking for a way out? 

                    The Law Offices of Teresa Beyers opens it’s door’s for you! You will be glad to know that you are not alone, and although child support help in Los Angeles is hard to find, when you need an experienced family lawyer you can always come to us. Family attorney Teresa Beyers has much experience in this industry, she approaches the case in the most upfront, straight forward, yet professional manner. Working with the Law Offices of Teresa Beyers will bring a positive effect, even if you were at a point where you never thought beating the case would be possible. We look through every little detail to assure that no stone is overturned, because if one does not pay attention to the little details, the chances of actually winning lower.

          If you are paying child support and you feel that what you are paying is simply too much, for example you can barely afford to buy yourself food, or pay rent. Or the other spouse is receiving more then the usual salary, or you recently lost you’re job, or got a salary deduction, or one of the children turned over 18 then Child Support Modification is something you should take in mind. What this is, is basically what it sounds like. A modification of you’re child support to go lower that way it is fair for both you and the other spouse.

If you are receiving child support and the other spouse is slacking on payments, for example you notice the other spouse is receiving a good amount of money from work, and yet you still receive less then what is fair, then you might want someone like Teresa Beyers to help you with Child Support Enforcement. What that is, is basically we will work to enforce the child support payments through a court of law to make sure that you receive fair payments to feed you’re children!

       Whatever the case may be, The Law Offices of Teresa Beyers can help you! We will fight through this case together, and overcome any obstacles that stand in our path! You will find that all stress you had concerning you’re child support case will go away, because with the Law Offices of Teresa Beyers on you’re side there is nothing to worry about!


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