The search for a child support lawyer in Los Angeles is no easy task. One may even be so desperate that they will hire just any attorney that pops up. That is one of the biggest mistakes that you can make. Because when fighting a case regarding child support, you want to be sure that you will be backed by an experienced attorney that knows what has to be done. At the Law Offices of Teresa Beyers you no longer have to worry about that. Teresa Beyers has much experience in this industry therefore she knows the basics. She walks into the courtroom and approaches the case in a direct, and professional manner. She assures that you’re rights are to be respected, and if not she will fight in order o protect them. Child support is not an easy case to deal with. Especially if what you are paying is more then the appropriate amount. If this is you’re case you just might be entitled for a child support modification. There is no better option then the Law Offices of Teresa Beyers when it comes to this. She goes through everything to make sure that no stone is overturned.

Child Support Modification will be made possible if:

  • Child has turned over 18
  • You lost you’re job
  • Other spouses paycheck got fatter
  • You’re paycheck lowered
  • You can barely afford to buy food for yourself

If any of the scenarios above apply to you, be sure to contact Teresa Beyers ASAP! She deals with her clients herself in order to make them feel loved and appreciated, because she knows that going through these situations can be a very stressful moment in ones life. Which is why she works extra hard to make this as stress free possible. Be sure to fill out a contact form online, or give us a call!

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