You and your child should not have to suffer and sacrifice because of unpaid child support, especially if the paying parent is willfully withholding payment or spending the money elsewhere. The Law Offices of Teresa Beyers can pursue wage assignment and other remedies to hold that parent accountable.

Attorney Teresa Beyers focuses exclusively on California family law. She represents mothers or fathers in the San Fernando Valley and Greater Los Angeles in child support enforcement actions and child support modifications.


Remedies are available if you are not receiving court-ordered child support:

  • Wage assignment (wage garnishment) — The court can authorize the other parent’s employer to deduct a certainamount from each paycheck and send it to your account.
  • Tax intercept — Child Services can obtain a court order to take unpaid support from the other parent’s tax returns.
  • Contempt of court — A parent who has the means but willfully refuses to make support payments may be subject to sanctions by the court, including jail time.

Many times, the paying parent is struggling financially because of unemployment or other hardships. If that parent has previously been responsible with child support obligations, we discourage clients from taking the drastic step of wage assignment. For example, can we negotiate an agreement to make up the arrears over time?

But if the paying parent is “playing games,” all bets are off. Attorney Beyers brings the wage assignment form to the court hearing. If the other parent will not step up to the plate, we fill it out right there and ask the court for relief. In many cases, unpaid support goes hand in hand with failure to exercise scheduled visitation. If the other party is not acting like a parent, we will take appropriate steps to enforce parental obligations or modify the custody agreement.

Disputing Wage Assignment
If you are the paying parent and believe that you are paying too much support or garnishment is unwarranted, we can examine the facts of your case and advocate for you in court to recalculate support or rescind wage assignment.

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