High Net Worth Divorce


We all know that going through a divorce can be tough for you and you’re family. But the stakes go up when it’s a high net worth divorce. Why? Because there is much more at stake! 

      You can potentially lose you’re house if poorly represented in a court of law. This is why you need to avoid any further adieu and come to the Law Offices of Teresa Beyers. We will treat you as if you were family, looking through every detail including when you bought the properties, what you had before you were married and what you did not have at the time. This helps because then the judge will see that it would be unfair to take that from you and give it to the other spouse. Many people are victimized, due to poor representation and end up with an unfair sentence, for example the other spouse takes more then 50% of their belongings, plus if you have kids the other spouse could get full custody with out giving you visitation rights!

    Avoid this and come to us! We can get things set straight for you, meaning you will not have to worry about you’re belongings being stripped from you. The Law Offices of Teresa Beyers has much experience in this field and works to make this stressful time of you’re life as stress free possible, because at the end of the day its our job to make it easier on you. We leave no stone unturned, and dig deep, to gain enough evidence to make this whole charade backfire on the opponent. We use advanced techniques to assure that you are receiving the best legal assistance available in all of souther California!

If ou are one of these people suffering from these types of cases, please, do not wait to come to the Law Offices of Teresa Beyers! We will open our doors for you and discuss any possible solutions to you’re problem!


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