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The Law Offices of Teresa Beyers welcomes any individuals with any family law disputes. She is an expert when it comes to these types of cases.

           At the Law Offices of Teresa Beyers, we can help you with you’re family case. She has experience in child support disputes, child support modification, restraining order, domestic violence cases, and high asset divorce situations. She walks into the court room and assures that you’re rights are to be protected. We know that it is hard to go through these types of things which is why we work to make this process as stress free possible. Because at the Law Offices of Teresa Beyers we want our clients happy! Whether the case you are fighting be about a child support modification, or you are the victim of domestic violence and you want to make things right. We can fight for you! It i important to remember that when going through these things you are not alone! We are here to help, because we know how hard it can be to go through a divorce. Especially when its a high asset divorce, things tense up quick because there is more money on the line.

If you feel that what you are paying every month for child support is just too much, to the point where you can’t even afford a cheap lifestyle anymore, then it might be time for a child support modification. One things that gets many victims heated is that many times one thing that happens is that the money doesn’t even go to the children. Teresa Beyers will go to the courtroom to make things right for you!

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