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The Law Offices of Teresa Beyers assures you nothing but the best legal assistance, we will represent youChild Custody disputes often arise when a couple decides to break up. One of the most difficult issues that the couple must consider is the custody and parenting plan of their children. Nothing can fully replace the invaluable relationship between a child and a parent. Child custody matters can become extremely heated and emotionally charged if one parent feels the other parent is trying to take advantage of parenting privileges, make custody arrangements difficult, trying to alienate the children, or is unsafe for the children to be around. Whether you are paying or receiving child support, it is important to work with an experienced attorney who can protect your interests and your children’s interests under California law. The Law Offices of Teresa Beyers in Los Angeles represents either parent in child support modifications in the San Fernando Valley and throughout Los Angeles County.

Modifying Child Support

Family law attorney Teresa Beyers is well versed in the DissoMaster software used by the state of California for calculating child support. However, the child support formula is only as good as the numbers that are plugged into it. It is important to have reliable information about income, and there may be other considerations in altering child support. That is where the practical knowledge and courtroom experience of our lawyer come into play.

Modifying child support requires a substantial change in circumstances:

  • Support can be increased if the paying parent is making more money or if the child’s needs change. For example, the court may make parents share expenses for camps, sports and activities and private school tuition.
  • Support can be decreased if the paying parent has lost a job or received a pay cut, if the recipient parent is earning more, or if the amount of timesharing (visitation) changes.

Modifications are complicated if either parent is deliberately underemployed or if the paying parent has underreported income. If necessary, we can take steps to uncover hidden income or have the court impute income. We can also address disputes over private school, college funding and other child-rearing decisions that affect child support levels.

Few issues are as intense as custody disputes, especially if parents fear for their child’s safety or are cut off from access. Teresa Beyers is an experienced attorney who practices exclusively in California family law. She handles all types of post-divorce custody matters, including:

  • Sole custody — Based on the other parent’s drug or alcohol addiction, child abuse or neglect, mental health problems
  • Change of custody — Typically an older child who wants to live with the other parent
  • Increased visitation — Change of circumstances or step-up visitation in paternity cases
  • Parent relocation — Moving out of Los Angeles County or out of state with the children
  • Interference with parental rights

— Refusing visitation or routinely failing to have the child available or return the child on time

The judge will consider the wishes of an older child and will listen to both sides of the story. We will advocate for you and your child’s interests by presenting evidence to the court and preparing you for the hearing. Are your child’s grades slipping? Does the other parent’s new spouse or partner mistreat your son or daughter? Is the other parent undermining your relationship with your child? You need a strong advocate to make sure your side is heard.


Custody disputes are not always resolved by adversarial courtroom proceedings. We often encourage clients to consider counseling or mediation to address the underlying issues or find middle ground. In many cases, these services are available on a sliding scale fee. When there is no compromise and you need to assert your rights, however, Los Angeles child custody modifications attorney Teresa Beyers will fight for you.

If you and the co-parent cannot agree on child support, Los Angeles child support modifications attorney Teresa Beyers is prepared to argue on your behalf in court.

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