There are many Los Angeles divorce lawyers to choose from, but if you want the most effective results, then you need to come to the Law Offices of Teresa Beyers! We open our doors for you! We strive to be attentive to our clients, and work extremely hard to make the situation as stress free possible, because we know that going through a rough divorce can be a very difficult obstacle to overcome. 

Whether the case is regarding:

– High Net Worth Divorce
– Contested Divorce
– Uncontested Divorce
– Marital Property Division

Teresa Beyers has the experience that is necessary to overcome any type of disputes in a court of law. She stops at nothing to protect you’re rights, and approaches every case in a upfront, and professional manner. She understands the importance of paying attention to the little details, because she knows that its those same details that can win a case. If you are one of the many unfortunate individuals facing a divorce case and you feel that you’re only hope of winning is by being backed by an experiences family attorney, then there is no question to it. You must either call the Law Offices of Teresa Beyers at 213-236-4400 or simply just inquire online.¬†Attorney Teresa Beyers offers a free initial phone consultation, and she will arrange evening or weekend appointments.

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You can call at 213-236-4400 or inquire online!

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