When one goes through a rough divorce, many unwanted situations may pop up as a chain reaction. Whether it be fighting over a child’s custody, or fighting a child support case. One very important thing to do is go look for an Experienced family law attorney. The Law Offices of Teresa Beyers is exactly what you need given this situation! She has much experience with working with her clients, and helping them go through these cases in the most stress free, professional manner possible. When going to the courtroom with Teresa Beyers you are assuring that you will be backed by n experienced family law attorney that wont stop until justice has been served. If you already went through the divorce, but are paying an unfair amount every month you may be entitled for a child support modification! Teresa Beyers will go through all records to make sure any unturned information is seen by the judge.

At the Law Offices of Teresa Beyers we can help you with:

  • Legal Separation
  • Marital Property Division
  • Domestic Partnership Dissolution
  • Domestic Violence
  • Restraining Orders
  • Adoptions & Stepparent Adoptions
  • Child Custody Modifications
  • Child Support Modifications
  • Divorce Mediation
  • High Net Worth Divorce

      Teresa Beyers knows it all. So if you are going through a case like one of the shown above be sure to contact her as soon as possible! Be sure to fill out a contact form, or give us a call today!

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