If you are one of the many people that fall victim to an unfair cycle of overly charged monthly child support payments, and you can not even afford to buy yourself some clothes, then you might just need a modification of child support. Fortunately for you The Law Offices of Teresa Beyers is here to help! She understands that it is hard to go month by month giving all of you’re money to the other spouse, sometimes the money doesn’t even go to the kids!! This can be a very frustrating matter to talk about, especially if you are going through it. So Teresa Beyers makes sure to make this case as stress free possible. She will not rest until justice is served in the courtroom. We go through everything and make sure that no stone is left unturned. We dig deep, until we find something that might be of assistance to you’re case. When going through a case regarding the modification of child support, you want to feel as if you are in good hands, with an experienced family law attorney such as Teresa Beyers you couldn’t be in better hands. When you work with the Law Offices of Teresa Beyers the only thing you have to worry about is showing up to court. If you are experiencing an unfair child support case outcome, feeling that every month you’re check is stripped to the bones, leaving you at an uncomfortable spot where you can barely pay you’re bills, you may be entitled for a child support modification. Teresa Beyers will work on bringing down the amount to a fair arrangement where both spouses can benefit from it.

Many fall victim to the unfair loops in child support cases, and end up paying too much for child support, eventually resulting in a financial problem. That is why if you suspect that what you are paying every month is to much you need not wait to pick up that phone and call The Law Offices of Teresa Beyers. 


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