Which is why you need to be sure you have an experienced attorney fighting for you in the courtroom.

     The Law Offices of Teresa Beyers will help you overcome these difficult circumstances. We carefully review you and you’re ex-partners accounts and provide you with a thorough understanding of how any division will affect the retirement plan and goals for the future. We actively pursue the best possible outcome in every case. We tend to show much compassion when it comes to protecting your rights. Your interests come first and we will do our best to guide you and your family through your particular divorce or custody situation so that you can move on with the rest of your life. Most clients are very concerned with how their retirement is going to be affected by divorce. 

At The Law Offices Of Teresa Beyers our extensive experience comes in handy when handling financially complex issues. Fully dedicated to protecting each client’s financial interests and rights in the court room. Our knowledge and capabilities extend to:

  • Conducting the necessary investigation to prove that savings and interest accumulated prior to marriage are treated as separate property
  • Drafting the necessary Qualified Domestic Relations Orders that direct plan administrators to distribute funds in a timely and legal fashion
  • Ensuring that the value of retirement assets are accurately reflected in the overall divorce settlement and judgment

   We are careful to advise clients and to assist them in avoiding those penalties, for example by “rolling over” retirement funds into other retirement accounts rather than cashing them out. attorney Teresa Beyers is prepared to argue on your behalf in court.


We offer a free initial phone consultation and after-hours and weekend appointments. Call 213-785-7873 or 800-488-4850 (toll free), or contact us online.

Se habla español.

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