We open our doors for any individuals going through a tough time due to any family law disputes, Teresa Beyers is any experienced attorney that strives to be attentive to her clients. We eliminate any stress you might f had that came along with you’re case, because with us on you’re side there is nothing to worry about!

       The Law Offices of Teresa Beyers is experienced in this industry, and knows what it takes to win a case. What it takes is the guts to approach the case in the most upfront, and professional manner, and also the patience to go through every single detail, to assure that no issue that can hurt you’re case is unsolved. We work to make this whole process as stress free as possible, because we know that these types of cases can be a hassle to go through. We can help you in a number of family cases, for example

Adoptions & Step-parent adoptions

By adopting a child, you are taking on many important duties. You will become responsible for the care of your child until he or she becomes an adult, and possibly beyond. You will provide guidance, support and discipline as your child grows and matures. There will be joyful moments and perhaps some sad ones. Whatever the future may hold, your life will never be the same again.

Child Custody Modifications

As children of divorce grow and parents move on with their new lives, conflicts often arise over child custody and visitation. The solution may be a mutual rewriting of the parenting plan, or it may be necessary to go to court to fight for your parental rights.

Child Support Modifications

Child support disputes may arise when circumstances change, either in the income of the parents or the needs of the child. Naturally, a request to alter child support is usually resisted by the other party. The paying parent does not want to be saddled with an unfairly high payment, and the recipient parent does not want to be shortchanged or stuck with added child care expenses that should be shared.

Legal Separation

A legal separation can be a “timeout” from marriage, a stepping stone to divorce or an alternative to divorce. Whatever your reasons, a formal legal separation is a complex and serious matter. You need the counsel and representation of an experienced lawyer who can explain the pitfalls and make sure your interests are protected.

Domestic Partnership Dissolution

In California, the process of dissolving a domestic partnership is similar to divorce. Property must be divided on some basis, child custody and visitation issues may have to be worked out, a child support order may have to be issued and one partner may owe support to the other. To protect your rights during the dissolution process, you need an experienced family law attorney on your side.

Domestic Violence

The police and the courts take domestic violence very seriously. They will act quickly to protect victims from further harm, by way of court orders and by physically removing the offender from the premises.

Restraining Orders

A temporary restraining order is almost automatically issued when someone calls 911 to report domestic violence or when a victim seeks relief in family court. This will be followed by a hearing on whether to continue the protection in a permanent restraining order. It is critical to have experienced legal representation in these proceedings to make sure that your story is heard and believed.

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