As a grandparent, you love your grandchild and want the best for him or her. You may want to spend time with the child and play a role in his or her life. But what if one of the parents objects and denies you access to your grandchild? Do you have any rights? Can you go to court to secure visitation rights?

The answers to these questions involve a number of complex legal issues and depend on the specific circumstances of your situation. Some grandparents can obtain visitation rights and even full custodial rights. Others may obtain access to their grandchildren only by the sufferance of the parents.

Those grandparents who have legitimate concerns about the safety, health, or overall welfare of grandchildren may be able to seek help from the family court. Even if grandparents want more time with their grandchildren, this is a viable option. The rights of grandparents are emotional as well as legally complex. Having the right attorney on your side is vital.

At The Law Offices of Teresa A. Beyers, each attorney’s main objective is to help resolve visitation and custody matters for Los Angeles grandparents. Teresa Beyers’ grandparents’ rights lawyers are passionate about family law matters. If a family law matter involves children, these attorneys focus on finding a solution. It can be very stressful if you feel like your grandchildren are suffering or if you are no longer a significant part of their lives. Clients can rest easy knowing that their concerns do not fall on deaf ears. Teresa Beyers’ attorneys are upfront and give honest advice about the options moving forward.

When Can a Grandparent Request Parenting Time

In California, more specifically, Los Angeles, grandparents do not have any special rights to custody or visitation. An aunt, uncle, or another adult with a strong relationship with the child can claim parenting time the same way as a grandparent. In particular situations, grandparents have a real chance of obtaining parenting time or full custody. Examples include the following:

  • In the event, the parents are divorced or in the divorce process, the grandparent can make sure that they can see their grandchildren after finalizing the divorce.
  • If one of the child’s parents passes away and the surviving parent does not allow the grandparent to see the grandchild.
  • A parent is in prison or the military.
  • The grandparent believes they can provide better care for a special needs grandchild.
  • Another adult, not a parent, has custody of the grandchild.
  • The grandparent provides care for the child but now wants to become a legal guardian or adopt the grandchild officially.

What If My Grandchild's Parent Objects To My Visitation

If one parent rejects the notion of grandparents’ visitation, the court further explores if their presence would be in the child’s best interest. Should both parents object, it becomes more challenging to gain visitation rights.

Our Los Angeles grandparent’s rights attorney believes in the value of solid relationships between grandparents and grandchildren. These relationships can strengthen a family and offer a healthy upbringing for the child. Our attorneys are always ready to meet with grandparents to discuss the possibility of asserting their rights.

Can I Obtain Custody Of My Grandchild

Usually, this only happens when a child’s parent passes away or cannot provide enough care. Only then does a grandparent have the opportunity to gain physical custody.

What If My Grandchild Is Up For Adoption

Any termination of a child’s parent also eliminates the grandparent’s chances of gaining visitation or custody. However, some exceptions exist, and consulting with a skillful legal professional can be very helpful. Contact The Law Offices of Teresa A. Beyers today for more information.

A Strong Advocate For Grandparents

Family law judges in California always decide child custody and visitation cases in ways that are in the best interest of the child. When one parent or the custodial parent objects to providing grandparents with access to a child, it is necessary to show the judge that the grandparents’ involvement will indeed have a positive effect on the child’s life.

Teresa Beyers provides vigorous results-oriented representation for grandparents seeking custody and visitation rights. Ms. Beyers has a comprehensive understanding of California law concerning grandparents’ rights as well as the trial advocacy skills that are often needed in these cases. When representing you, Los Angeles grandparents’ rights attorney Teresa Beyers will apply her experience, skills, and resources to your case and work diligently to achieve your goals.

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