October 06, 2018
By The Law Offices of Teresa A. BeyersChild Custody

Seeking custodial rights is a process that can take a great deal of time. If proper steps aren’t taken, the process can take even longer. As a parent, it’s crucial that you understand the child custody laws in your area before filing. To ensure that you’re granted the rights that you deserve, here’s what to expect.

First and foremost, hire an attorney who practices family law. This attorney should be licensed in your state and have plenty of experience dealing with custody battles. With their assistance, it’s much easier to file for custodial rights. Your attorney will negotiate on your behalf and ensure that the best interests of your child are being met.

After you’ve hired an attorney, you’ll file a petition for custody. In this petition, you’ll include proof as to why you deserve custody and any detrimental evidence as to why the other parent doesn’t deserve custody. Any proposed custodial arrangements may be included in this petition. You’ll also be required to secure a court date in connection with the petition.

The other parent will receive a copy of this petition. They’ll be given the opportunity to respond and fill out the necessary forms to submit to the court. It’s vital that the respondent provides you with proof of their response before the court date, allowing you to properly prepare for the hearing.

During the court date, any issues are heard. A judge will then propose a child custody and visitation plan based on the best interests of the child. Partial, full, physical, and legal custody may be awarded to different parents depending on the evidence presented during the hearing. Once a ruling is made, the custodial plan must be observed.

Whether you’re in the beginning stages of seeking custody or you’re looking to revise an older plan, The Law Offices of Teresa A. Beyers can help. Since 2003, Teresa Beyers has worked tirelessly to provide family law services to the Los Angeles area. With experience in custodial law, adoption, divorce, and mediation, she and her team are dedicated to preparing the best legal counsel possible.

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