Many couples seeking an amicable and easy divorce oversimplify the legal and financial issues and try to get divorced on their own. Without the guidance of an attorney, an uncontested divorce can backfire, resulting in costly legal proceedings, bitter disputes, and months of delays that you were trying to avoid. Avoid unnecessary complications with the help of Teresa Beyers, a Los Angeles uncontested divorce lawyer.

The Law Offices of Teresa A. Beyers can help you get divorced with minimal time and expense while protecting your interests. If you have the basics of an agreement, our experienced uncontested divorce attorneys can draw up the settlement papers. If closer examination reveals important issues that are not in fact resolved, we can offer practical and productive solutions to keep you on track for an amicable divorce.

Experienced Counsel For An Amicable Divorce

Los Angeles family law attorney Teresa Beyers has successfully shepherded many couples through the uncontested divorce process. To bypass contested proceedings and dissolve your marriage, you must be in complete agreement on all issues, particularly:

Many couples start out with every intention of an amicable, out-of-court divorce, but quickly get overwhelmed by the details, decisions, and paperwork. Spouses often get cold feet once they actually see the proposed terms of the divorce settlement in writing and before long, they are digging in their heels for a contested divorce.

If you are considering an uncontested divorce, it is best to involve a lawyer early in the process. Attorney Beyers can review the basics of your agreement and help you move forward and work out the details. She can spot red flags in a proposed settlement and raise issues that you may have overlooked. If serious conflicts arise, she encourages clients to try divorce mediation before resorting to the courts.

Making Uncontested Divorce Work

No divorce is “simple,” even if you have few assets or no kids. The Law Offices of Teresa A. Beyers offers focused knowledge and creative solutions for the legal, financial, and practical considerations. We have assisted couples across Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley in working through the complexities of California’s uncontested divorce.

The key to our success is building trust with clients. You will always work directly with Teresa Beyers, and she will return your calls and answer your questions. We offer a free initial phone consultation and can meet clients after hours and on weekends by appointment.

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