Couples with high incomes or longer marriages acquire significant assets and debts over time. In a divorce, the conflicts naturally revolve around money and property. Whether you are expecting a high-stakes legal battle or seeking an amicable settlement of a complex estate, you need an attorney who is experienced with the unique issues in a complex divorce.

The Law Offices of Teresa A. Beyers provide sophisticated knowledge and aggressive representation for high net worth divorce. We represent business owners, executives, professionals, and other high earners, or their lesser-earning spouses, in the San Fernando Valley and throughout Greater L.A.

Litigation And Negotiation In High-Asset Divorce

Regardless of who files first, it is important to take steps to protect your interests. Los Angeles divorce attorney Teresa Beyers is knowledgeable about the key issues in high net worth cases, including:

  • Possession and use of the marital residence — Will one party keep the house and refinance or will it be put on the market? What about a beach house, downtown condo, upstate cabin, or property in other states?
  • Community vs. separate property — There may be a community property interest under California law, even for assets titled in one spouse’s name and owned prior to marriage.
  • A business or professional practice — What is the valuation? How will the spouse be compensated? How can the entity and business partners be protected?
  • Property division — How will real estate, art, jewelry, cars, and other valuables be appraised and divided? What assets are worth fighting for?
  • Retirement savings and investments — From 401(k) accounts and pensions to stocks and deferred compensation, what is the current and projected value? What percentage goes to each in the qualified domestic relations order (QDRO)?
  • Credit card balances, loans, and personal debts — Are both spouses liable? Who will assume which debts?
  • Spousal support — Would the court award rehabilitative support or permanent alimony? Might there be a lump sum settlement or a waiver of monthly support in exchange for other considerations?
  • Prenuptial agreements — Are the terms clear and enforceable?
  • Hidden or inaccessible assets — Is the spouse misrepresenting income? Transferring property to others or squirreling money away in secret accounts? Are there assets overseas?
  • Confidentiality — Are you concerned about public disclosure of your holdings or private marital matters?

Attorney Beyers offers strategic and aggressive representation but is in line with your goals and priorities. She can help you pursue a discreet, out-of-court settlement, perhaps through the use of a private mediator. She can also represent you in all phases of contested divorce proceedings, from temporary orders or legal separation to discovery, hearings, and trial.

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The trappings of wealth do not make divorce any less painful or difficult. Our legal team offers close support and counsel to clients throughout the legal process, while we work to position you for the most favorable outcome.

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