Thank you Terry for helping me during my divorce as it was one of the hardest things for me. Because you took the time to listen to my case you handled my divorce in the best manner possible. Not only did you look out for me but you also looked out for my children. Thank you for being the wonderful person you are and a great attorney. The twins and I love you

Nanette Soto

She is very attentive, very professional, and very caring. You hear all these scary stories about attorneys being soulless creatures. Teresa crushes all those rumors. She listens to every concern you have and tries her best to get it done in a timely manor. I even received calls and emails over the weekend from her so she can get things done. She’s worth every penny.

Kayla Boettcher

I was in a very difficult divorce. I was in between lawyers, and I called Teresa Beyers. She answered my questions, and really saved me from dropping the ball big time! She saved me from making a big, costly, mistake. I will always remember her fondly and with gratitude in my heart.

Irene Bulmer

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