As children of divorce grow and parents move on with their new lives, conflicts often arise over child custody and visitation. The solution may be a mutual rewriting of the parenting plan, or it may be necessary to hire a child custody lawyer to fight for your parental rights.

The Law Offices of Teresa A. Beyers provides knowledgeable legal counsel and aggressive representation for custody modifications and enforcement of visitation rights. Our family and child custody law firm represents parents in the San Fernando Valley and throughout Greater L.A. in the Los Angeles County family courts. We try to intervene early to defuse tense situations and negotiate solutions, but our experienced lawyer is prepared for courtroom proceedings.

Modifying Custody, Visitation And Parenting Plans

Every parent has the right to spend time with their children. However, determining when and how that can happen may be challenging. In a situation like this, you need a skillful team of law attorneys to work with you and the other parent to find the proper balance. Our child custody attorneys help families all over settle disputes, are familiar with the local court system and judges, offer appointments, have years’ worth of experience, are compassionate, and provide a free consultation to discuss your options moving forward. Choose the attorneys at The Law Offices of Teresa A. Beyers.

Teresa Beyers’s attorneys implement a straightforward approach. It involves true dedication to supporting all family law clients while at the same time maintaining a persistent attitude when it is appropriate. We strive to maximize the protection of your legal rights. We have immeasurable pride in our strong track record of successful settlements and rulings. Our job is to achieve the results you need in a timely fashion.

How Is Child Custody Decided in Los Angeles

For starters, both parents must be in their children’s lives as far as the courts are concerned. Any legal decisions related to this area are in the children’s best interests. There is a wide range of factors that affect child custody arrangements like; the child’s emotional ties with each parent, level of cooperation between parents, the geographical proximity of the homes, parenting abilities, stability of each house, and any history of abuse or violence. Whenever spouses cannot agree, the court decides for them. If this is the case for you, leave your legal concerns to us at Teresa Beyers’ Law Offices.

The attorneys at Teresa Beyers’ Law Offices guide families through creating a parenting plan that accommodates you, your co-parent, and your children. Every family is different, and we know that to be true. Everyone has their own set of needs and concerns, so for that reason, our child custody lawyers consider this when developing a parenting plan. Our attorneys have much experience in assisting with custody order modifications- more so if your family has had significant changes in schedules or income.

Few issues are as intense as custody disputes, especially if parents fear for their child’s safety or are cut off from access. Teresa Beyers is an experienced child custody attorney who practices exclusively in California family law. She handles all types of post-divorce custody matters, including:

  • Sole custody: Based on the other parent’s drug or alcohol addiction, child abuse or neglect, mental health problems
  • Change of custody: Typically an older child who wants to live with the other parent
  • Increased visitation: Change of circumstances or step-up visitation in paternity cases
  • Parent relocation: Moving out of Los Angeles County or out of state with the children
  • Interference with parental rights

— Refusing visitation or routinely failing to have the child available or return the child on time

The judge will consider the wishes of an older child and will listen to both sides of the story. We will advocate for you and your child’s interests by presenting evidence to the court and preparing you for the hearing. Are your child’s grades slipping? Does the other parent’s new spouse or partner mistreat your son or daughter? Is the other parent undermining your relationship with your child? You need a strong advocate and child custody lawyer in Los Angeles, CA to make sure your side is heard.

For example, let’s say that your ex filed to modify custody previously and is now threatening to do so again. You might be wondering how the courts proceed with this claim. First and foremost, a change in primary residence cannot be filed until a few years after the disposition of the last similar motion. The primary outcome has no impact on the waiting period; it remains the same regardless.

Therefore, the initial step in response to the filing is to request an immediate dismissal of the new motion. The only exception to this pertains to allegations of physical or emotional endangerment. If the child is a part of moving into the new home, will the exception take effect too? You need not fear if this is something you are experiencing because the attorneys at Teresa Beyers’ law office are professionals when dealing with child custody disputes.

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Custody disputes are not always resolved by adversarial courtroom proceedings. We often encourage clients to consider counseling or mediation to address the underlying issues or find the middle ground. In many cases, these services are available on a sliding scale fee. When there is no compromise and you need to assert your rights, however, Los Angeles child custody modifications attorney Teresa Beyers will fight for you.

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