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Getting a divorce is a complex and stressful process. It is important to work with a lawyer who can protect your interests while helping you resolve disputes and move forward with your life. The Law Offices of Teresa Beyers provides experienced counsel and aggressive representation for divorce, child custody disputes, and related matters of California family law. We help you set goals and priorities to make informed decisions at every stage. We deliver creative and practical solutions to complicated problems, backed by vigorous representation for matters that must be decided in court.

Focused Experience In Divorce And Child Custody Law

Los Angeles family law and divorce lawyer Teresa Beyers practice exclusively in this area of the law. She serves a diverse clientele in the San Fernando Valley and Greater L.A., from young couples and unmarried parents to clients with long-term marriages or high net worth. Ms. Beyers can knowledgeably address:


The end of a marriage is seldom amicable. Emotions are highly charged, and stress levels are super high, often from start to finish. This can be even truer when children are involved. Having a Los Angeles family law attorney by your side from the initial filing of the paperwork through the issuance of the final divorce decree is important since the decisions you make during the divorce process can alter the course of your life—and your children’s lives—forever.

Your Los Angeles, CA divorce attorney helps with all aspects of divorce. This includes:

  • Meeting with you to discuss your situation and formulate a strategy for your divorce.
  • Filing all paperwork with the courts.
  • Assisting you with obtaining spousal support and child support during the divorce process, with possible ongoing payments ordered by the court.
  • Helping you with child custody and visitation/parenting plan arrangements.
  • Aiding you in obtaining any sensitive orders, including domestic violence orders or restraining orders.
  • Attending all hearings as necessary during the divorce process.

Post-divorce, our office also helps with issues such as modification of support or requests to relocate with a child. Our Los Angeles family law attorney strives to handle all potential family law issues that may arise after the dissolution of your marriage.

Child Custody

Perhaps one of the most hotly debated issues of divorce or separation is child custody. With whom and where children live can be a source of contention between partners. It is often the case that both parents want to have full custody of the child. The job of our child custody lawyer in Los Angeles is to help you and your partner come to amicable terms regarding custody—or go head-to-head with the other parent to enforce your custody rights.

Child Support

One parent may be hard-pressed to support a child’s needs without the financial contributions of the other parent. Both parents are required by law to provide for a child financially, and the courts are quick to order support divorce or separation proceedings. Our child support lawyer in Los Angeles, CA is ready to help you fight to get the child support that you deserve. We also help with support modification orders if the paying parent gets a raise or a better job after a support order is entered.


Establishing paternity is a cornerstone for many issues that crop up in family law. If you are seeking child support, paternity testing can establish the parentage of your child, so the court can move to order support paid to the child. Inversely, if you are trying to establish parentage as part of an ongoing custody dispute, paternity testing is also a necessity.

Spousal Support and Alimony

Like child support, spousal support and alimony may be payable to you at the end of a marriage. Whether or not you qualify depends on several factors, including how long you were married and your income. Our Los Angeles alimony and spousal attorneys strive to help you collect spousal support if it is due to you.

Domestic Violence and Restraining Orders

Domestic violence is never acceptable. If you are a victim of domestic violence, our office will help you attain help and protection from your abuser by petitioning for a domestic violence order. A restraining order can also be sought; this document prevents your abuser (or someone who has threatened you with abuse) from coming within close proximity.

Keep in mind that our family law practice can help you with legal issues regardless of whether you are or were ever married to the father or mother of your child(ren). Our Los Angeles, CA domestic violence attorney is well-versed in handling child custody, visitation, support, and other types of cases for unmarried partners.

We like to think of ourselves as problem solvers and we are big proponents of mediation as an alternative to litigation. When contested proceedings are necessary, however, Teresa Beyers is the effective courtroom advocate you want on your side.

Personalized Legal Service In A Comfortable Environment

The legal system can be intimidating for people, so we work hard to make our Los Angeles family law office a casual, welcoming environment for our clients. We also strive to be accessible and attentive to clients. Teresa Beyers returns calls promptly and limits her court appointments to three days a week to reserve time to spend with clients.

“When I make appointments for clients, I never make them wait. I personally go out to make sure they are properly greeted.”— Teresa Beyers, attorney at law

From initial divorce proceedings to post-decree modifications of custody or support, we know that the outcome will have a big impact on your life. We do not take on more cases than we can handle so we can give our clients and their legal matters our full attention.

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