If you and your spouse have divorced one another in California, and you have children together, one of you may have been ordered to pay child support to the other. However, a child support order isn’t necessarily permanent.

There are circumstances in which child support can be modified. If you’ve been ordered to pay child support or you’re receiving child support payments, and you think a modification is justified, you can petition the court accordingly.

Whether you’re the one petitioning for a child support modification, or your ex-spouse is, and you believe the child support order should remain unaltered, it’s wise to enlist the help of a qualified legal professional in these circumstances. At the Law Offices of Teresa A. Beyers, a Glendale child support modifications attorney is on hand to help you navigate this process.

Common Reasons for Child Support Modifications in Glendale, California

There are various reasons a child support order may be modified in California. The following are among the most common:

  • Income changes: The income of both spouses is one of the most significant factors a court will account for when ordering a spouse to pay child support. However, income can change. For example, perhaps the spouse who pays child support loses their job, and there’s good reason to believe they’ll be unable to find a job offering similar pay in the foreseeable future. This means they may no longer be able to pay the same amount of child support they have been paying. On the other hand, if the income of the parent receiving child support payments substantially increases, a child support modification may be justified.
  • Health changes: Courts account for a child’s needs when calculating child support payments. Those needs may change if a child becomes ill. Or, if a parent making child support payments experiences a health emergency, they might not be able to continue making payments in the same amount that they have been until they recover.
  • Other changing needs: There are other ways (aside from health changes) that the day- to-day needs of a child can change over time. For instance, maybe the custodial parent enrolls in school or a training program to boost their employability. If so, they may need to pay for childcare services. This can warrant a child support modification.
  • Marriage: The custodial parent’s financial situation may also improve if they get married or enter into a serious relationship with someone whose income may go towards caring for their children.
  • Incarceration: A child support modification will typically be necessary if the parent making payments is in jail or prison.

How a Glendale Child Support Modifications Attorney Can Help You

Showing the court that a child support order should or should not be modified can be challenging if you’re not familiar with all the relevant laws and nuances of such cases. Thus, if you’re petitioning the court for a modification, or your ex is attempting to modify an order without having good reason to do so, it’s smart to hire a lawyer. A Glendale child support modifications attorney at the Law Offices of Teresa A. Beyers will ensure you have a voice throughout these proceedings. Learn more about what we can do for you and your children by contacting us online or calling us at 213-236-4400.

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