There is no consensus regarding the precise rate of divorce among Americans. Generally, though, most agree that approximately half of all marriages in the US end in divorce.

This is not necessarily an unpleasant truth to accept. Although a healthy marriage can provide years of joy and stability, when a marriage causes pain, ending it is often an effective and smart way to do what’s best for yourself, your spouse, and your kids if you have any.

That said, because the divorce process itself can involve various tasks, hearings, and, unfortunately, disagreements, it is vital that you hire an experienced lawyer to represent you when divorcing your spouse.

At the Law Offices of Teresa A. Beyers, our Glendale divorce attorney is prepared to help you resolve disputes pertaining to division of property, child support, spousal support, and more. Enlist our help to simplify your divorce and begin working toward a happier and more fulfilling life.

The Role of a Glendale Divorce Attorney

A qualified Glendale divorce attorney can help you in many critical ways when your marriage is ending. Examples include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Discussing your case at no cost to you during an initial phone conversation
  • Understanding your goals and developing a strategy to achieve them
  • Answering any questions you may have and addressing your concerns throughout the divorce process
  • Ensuring your rights and interests are protected

Types of Divorce Cases And Issues Our Glendale Family Law Firm Handles

Every divorce is unique. Types of divorce cases and related issues our firm works on include:

Glendale Divorce Attorney on the Benefits of Getting a Divorce

Again, although divorcing your spouse may be your best option when your marriage has become a source of pain, you might be reluctant to proceed with a divorce because you haven’t considered the long-term benefits that doing so may offer. Examples include:

  • Allowing you and your spouse to comfortably pursue different lifestyles and life goals when you feel it’s time to go your separate ways
  • Preserving a friendship with a spouse
  • Escaping an abusive relationship
  • Correcting mistakes you might have made when you were young if you rushed into marriage
  • Beginning happier and healthier relationships with other partners
  • Reducing overall stress and discomfort in daily life
  • Ensuring your children to not grow up in an environment where their parents are always angry with one another

Contact a Glendale Divorce Attorney

Ending your marriage when both you and your spouse are unhappy may be the best possible decision for everyone involved in the long run. However, you might understandably fear that the divorce process will be stressful.

This need not be the case. At the Law Offices of Teresa A. Beyers, you will find a Glendale divorce attorney prepared to help you comfortably navigate this experience while protecting your rights. Learn more about how we can help by contacting us online or calling us at 213-236-4400.

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