February 16, 2022
By admin_teresabeyersDomestic Abuse

Both divorces and domestic abuse cases can be extremely difficult on a victim. This is especially prevalent in cases in which one spouse is emotionally, psychologically, or physically abusing the other. Oftentimes, what prevents someone from leaving one of these kinds of scenarios is fear of retaliation that may eventually lead to more abuse.

This concern beckons a need for a greater understanding and visibility for potential tactics that may keep a victim safe. Staying safe in all aspects is a critical element to a better future for your family. Reach out to a Los Angeles domestic abuse attorney from The Law Offices of Teresa A. Beyers today to learn more about how to successfully and safely navigate a domestic abuse or divorce case.

Create a Sound Safety Plan

Constructing a safety plan is going to be one of your primary tasks when considering the potential dangers of leaving an abusive spouse. One common suggestion is that you should work with an attorney to determine how exactly your children can or cannot be involved in this plan to avoid charges and further evidence that could be used against you by your spouse in a court case.

A successful safety plan should involve the people you trust most in your life. This may include potential friends’ homes to stay at, how you will collect all of your important documents, a plan to gather your belongings, the identification of when your spouse may or may not be at your place of residence, and easy ways to contact emergency services. Get second opinions from those that you trust to keep yourself safe in a case of domestic abuse.

Get Your Wallet in Order

Starting your journey to financial security by saving money is extremely important for someone who is involved in a domestic abuse or divorce case. One of the reasons this is so crucial is that it often involves an emergency fund for escaping a dangerous situation. It may provide you with additional money to be used for legal purposes.

An equally important step to take in ensuring your financial safety is making sure that your bank accounts do not have your spouse’s name on them. This may mean opening new cards and bank accounts, communicating your situation with your bank, and possibly even switching banks altogether. This should all be done so that you have a place to store and manage your liquid assets without interference from an abusive spouse.

The Most Important Step for Ensuring a Safe and Secure Future

Similar to your other plans, getting the professional advice of an attorney will be absolutely invaluable for escaping an abusive spouse. Attorneys deal with the legal handlings of cases like these all the time and maybe even able to offer advice concerning your safety.

Reaching out to a lawyer has never been so important. The Law Offices of Teresa A. Beyers deal with all types of family law on a regular basis. We offer experienced counsel that you can trust when you need it the most. Call one of our Los Angeles domestic abuse attorneys today for a free initial phone consultation at 213-236-4400. You can alternatively fill out a contact form here where you will receive a response in up to 24 hours.

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