In California divorce cases, it’s not uncommon for courts to determine that one spouse needs to make alimony or spousal support payments to another. However, courts are not infallible. To ensure your interests are properly represented when a judge makes a decision regarding spousal support, hire a qualified lawyer. A Newport Beach alimony attorney at The Law Offices of Teresa A. Beyers will help you navigate this process.

Newport Beach Alimony Orders: Types of Spousal Support in California

Spousal support in California comes in the following forms:

Temporary Spousal Support

Temporary spousal support is a form of alimony that one spouse might be ordered to pay before a divorce has been finalized. The purpose of this form of alimony is to ensure the spouse who earns less money is able to cover their basic living expenses throughout the divorce process.

Rehabilitative Spousal Support

This is the most common type of spousal support awarded by courts in Newport Beach divorce cases. Typically, a court will order one spouse to make rehabilitative alimony payments to another when they earn substantially more money.

Rehabilitative spousal support payments aren’t made indefinitely. They serve to provide financial support to the lower-earning spouse until they can develop the skills or secure the professional qualifications necessary for them to provide for their own financial needs. Typically, once the spouse receiving this type of spousal support gets a job or remarries, payments stop.

Permanent Spousal Support

A judge may order a spouse to pay permanent spousal support if a marriage lasted for a decade or longer. Courts also issue permanent spousal support orders when factors such as illness or advanced age limit one spouse’s ability to secure employment.

Reimbursement Support

A person may be eligible to receive reimbursement spousal support payments in California if they supported their spouse in some capacity during the marriage. For example, perhaps one spouse supported the other while they earned their law degree.

Once the spouse earned their degree and began practicing law, the spouse who supported them benefited from having made a sacrifice in the past. They will no longer benefit in this manner once the marriage is over. Thus, the court may decide they deserve reimbursement spousal support. As the name implies, this form of alimony serves to reimburse them for the support they provided their spouse with in the past.

Factors Influencing Alimony Orders in California

During the divorce process, a court will account for a variety of factors when determining whether spousal support should be paid, how long payments should last, how much money should be paid, and what form of spousal support is appropriate. These factors include:

  • The length of the marriage
  • How much money each spouse earns
  • Education, qualifications, and other factors contributing to earning capacity
  • Each spouse’s age and health
  • The standard of living to which each spouse had grown accustomed
  • Sacrifices either spouse may have made, such as choosing to raise children instead of pursuing a career

How a Newport Beach Alimony Attorney Helps

If you expect the court will order you to pay spousal support, a qualified lawyer can prevent the court from ordering you to pay more than is appropriate. If you expect to receive spousal support, your lawyer can show why you deserve more than your spouse may wish to pay.

At The Law Offices of Teresa A. Beyers, you’ll find a Newport Beach alimony attorney prepared to speak up for your interests throughout the divorce process. Learn more about how we can help by contacting us online or calling us at 949-500-8733.

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