Telling People About Your Divorce: 3 Essential Tips

September 14, 2022 The Law Offices of Teresa A. Beyers Divorce

Spouses typically play major roles in each other’s lives. As such, they often share friends and develop close relationships with one another’s families.

Thus, when two spouses decide to get a divorce, each must often share the news with everyone from close loved ones to casual work acquaintances. This can be a stressful experience.

That doesn’t mean it has to be. When telling friends, family, and coworkers about your divorce, keep the following tips in mind:

Be Thorough About Your Boundaries

Those who learn about your divorce need certain pieces of information from you to ensure they don’t accidentally add to your stress during this time. Specifically, they should know:

  • Whether they should or should not mention the topic to others yet
  • What they can do to support you
  • Whether you’d prefer they offer their assistance (which may take the form of recommending divorce lawyers, calling to check in, etc.) or you’d prefer to handle the matter on your own
  • Whether they should ask why you’re getting a divorce or whether you don’t care to discuss that topic

Your goal when explaining to close friends and family that you’re getting a divorce is to be as thorough as possible. Prepare ahead of time by making a list of points you wish to address when sharing this news.

Be Firm

It’s possible there are some people in your life who have a negative view of divorce. Although many now realize that getting a divorce instead of staying in an unhappy marriage is ideal for everyone involved, there remain those whose value systems prevent them from understanding that divorce is often the healthiest option for two spouses.

Perhaps you know such people. Maybe they’re close to you.

If so, you might have legitimate concerns regarding whether they’ll support your decision or whether they’ll attempt to convince you that you’ll change your mind. Prepare to discuss the end of your marriage with such people by committing to being firm. Make it clear that the decision is yours and there is no chance you will make a different decision in the future.

Prepare Your Boss

Discussing an impending divorce may seem awkward. This might be the type of conversation you’d like to avoid having if possible.

That’s understandable. However, you have to anticipate that your divorce proceedings will have some impact on your schedule until your divorce is finalized. You’ll be more likely to maintain a positive reputation at work if you prepare your supervisor for these potential issues.

You can be relatively formal when bringing this topic up with your boss. This isn’t a time when you need to open up about your emotional difficulties. Instead, professionally inform your boss that you’re getting a divorce, and although it might affect your work to a degree, you’ll strive to minimize its impact on your performance.

Keeping these tips in mind can somewhat reduce the stress you might otherwise experience at this time. Another way to reduce the stress involved in getting divorced is to choose the right attorney.

Do you live in Los Angeles? If your marriage is ending, an experienced LA divorce lawyer at the Law Offices of Teresa A. Beyers is available to help ensure your rights are protected at this critical time. Learn more about how we can help by contacting our offices online or calling us at 213-236-4400.

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