Three of the Most Common Reasons Couples Get Divorced

June 17, 2022 The Law Offices of Teresa A. Beyers Divorce

Every divorce is unique. The specific reasons that two spouses may have for divorcing one another are likely to be somewhat different than the reasons of others.

That said, there are certain general reasons couples often give when explaining why they have chosen to get divorced. The following are several examples:

Lack of preparation

Due to such influences as pop culture, societal narratives, and various others, many people enter into marriage with exclusively romantic expectations. Although they may have heard that marriage can be hard work, they might have dismissed such warnings, believing that true love can conquer all.

It’s easy to understand why this notion appeals to those planning weddings. However, polls, surveys, and studies indicate that couples may be more likely to stay together if they are realistic about the degree to which marriage involves making sacrifices. Couples whose marriages have ended in divorce often explain that they wish they had undergone more premarital counseling before getting married. They believe their marriages failed for the simple fact that they were not prepared for what being married actually involves.

Domestic violence

It is extremely unfortunate that domestic violence is one of the more common reasons given for divorce. Keep in mind, that domestic violence does not merely consist of physical abuse. It can also include such behaviors as controlling who a spouse communicates with, giving someone reason to fear that they will be harmed, and more.

Any divorce can be stressful. That said, one in which domestic violence is a factor can be particularly challenging to navigate.

This highlights the importance of working with a divorce attorney who has experience handling such matters. A victim of domestic violence who is divorcing their spouse will feel more comfortable throughout the process if they have a legal professional on their side.

Health problems

When two people get married, they tend to promise that they will remain faithful and loyal to one another “in sickness and in health.”

This is an easy promise to make when both members of a couple are healthy and able-bodied. However, according to marriage counselors, it is not uncommon for marriages to be tested when one spouse develops health issues. Health problems can result in debt, prevent the ill spouse from providing financially, and more.

This is another issue couples should discuss in relative detail before getting married. They need to be honest with one another about the degree to which they will be willing to make sacrifices if one of them gets sick or sustains a major injury.

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Whatever your reasons may be for getting a divorce, if you and your spouse have decided to end your marriage, you need to ensure that your rights are protected throughout this process. That means you need to hire a lawyer who has the experience and qualifications necessary to provide you with strong and effective representation.

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